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Bewilderwood (Hoveton, Norfolk, UK)


Amazing place! Amazing staff! Leaves you spellbound! and a amazing day out!

Age 27

1Who did you visit with?

A baby 1, toddler 1, primary school 1

2When did you go?

A year 2016

3How long did you stay?

A 1-3 hours

4Was it good value for money?

A Yes

5Any comments on value?

A Go early, as it gets full by the afternoon.

6Did you buy any food whilst you were here and if so, what was it like?

A Buying food here is fabulous as they provide for me and my granddaughter who are celiacs and my grandson who is dairy free. There food is so fresh, tasty and a fab choice.. I love that it all comes from certified local farmers!

7Were there any bathroom facilities? What were they like?

A Lovely clean bathroom facilities, and caters for all ages.

8What was the best part of your visit?

A Love the creatures you never seen before, but who captivates you with their hidden homes, tricky trails and stories of bravery and heroism.

9What do you wish had been different?

A Nothing!

10Do you or anyone you were with have special needs?

A No

11Insider hints and tips?

A Your not restricted to buying food here, you can take your own,where there's plenty of picnic areas..Book early and try to get there in the morning before it gets to full..It will leave your imagination work overtime!

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