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The Bentley Hotel (New York City, United States)

The Bentley Hotel

Although this is a nice hotel it's a little far from the main attractions or subway stations. There is no restaurant for breakfast, just a coffee shop which isn't 24hr, not great when you are travelling with kids with jetlag!

Age 37

1Who did you visit with?

A grown up 1

2When did you visit?

A year 2015

3How long did you stay?

A 4 days

4What's the best thing about this hotel?

A The bed was very large and comfy

5Do they have a pool?

A No

6Did you eat there?

A breakfastdinner

7Whats the food like?

A We had breakfast at the coffee shop, the bagels were good and the coffee strong but then hours weren't great. There is a diner up the street which is 24hrs and totally brilliant with a massive menu. We had dinner one night at the Bentley Prime restaurant, the food was excellent and portions were HUGE! the view was totally breathtaking

8What was the room like?

A The room was nice

9Did you think it was good value for money?

A No

10Does the hotel have wifi?

A yes you have to pay

11Does the hotel have kids TV channel?

A Yes

12Is the hotel located in:

A city

13Is the hotel walking distance to:

A shoppingrestaurants and bars attractions

14Insider hints and tips?

A The hotel is really close to the Roosevelt Island tramway station which is a fun and cheap trip, just don't go when it's rush hour!

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