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Royal Mint Experience (Llantrisant, Cardiff, UK)

Royal Mint Experience, Llantrisant, South Wales

Firstly, you'll be pleased to know The Royal Mint experience accepts Blue Peter Badges! As badge holders will by now know, all Merlin attractions have been removed from Blue Peter Badge eligibility *sad times* So it's wonderful to find a venue who still honours them. Top tip, check their Facebook page for updates and buy your tickets before you rock up, they only do a few tours a day and we watched a family be turned away. The first 15/20 minutes of the tour is more geared toward growns rather than smalls. It's more about the materials used in making our coinage, facts and dates. You're invited to buy a new (blank) pound coin (the 12 sided ones they're rolling out this year), to 'strike' yourself. It's £5.00 for one coin...which sounds harsh but my husband sold his on eBay the same night for £20.00! They've got some swanky exhibitions like projected maps of old London & coin operated machines. Coins from so many countries (did you know we make the currency for about 60 other nations?!). There's a photo opportunity with crates and crates of pure dosh - my son liked that bit best of all! As with all souvenir shops you want to have robbed the mint on the tour to buy anything! Overall, I'd say it's a day out geared more toward older kids and adults, but it'll make you feel like an awesome parent to have planned an educational excursion!

Age 32

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A year 2017

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