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Home of the Ati-Atihan Festival (Aklan, Philippines)

Aklan Province Philippines

Your home away from home:-)

Age 38

1How do you know about this destination?

A have visited here

2What is the best thing about this destination?

A The beaches, the friendly locals, and the activities (festivals)

3Are there any child friendly bars or pubs to visit?

A Plenty to choose from.

4What is the worst part of this destination?

A Perhaps the very still and quiet ambiance during the night (if you are not keen to this setup).

5What's your favourite restaurant?

A We ate mostly home-cooked meals done by my husband's relatives.

6Where is the best place for a coffee break?

A There are coffee shops in and out of the city proper.

7Are there any good places for shopping?

A Yes.

8What's your favourite cultural thing to do here?

A Boat riding. It is the only means of transportation going from one beach to another.

9What do you do when you want to relax here?

A Stay by the beach. Enjoy the fine, white sand and crystal clear water.

10What's your favourite thing to do here on a rainy day?

A No rain during our visit.

11What's the best way to get around this destination?

A Private cars, tricycles, bicycles and jeepneys.

12How helpful are the people who live here?

A Very,very helpful.

13How safe do you feel here?

A Perfectly safe.

14What's the one thing you can't miss when visiting here with kids?

A Island hopping.

15Insider hints and tips?

A Many guests come here during the Ati-Atihan Festival in January and Holy Week Season (March-April). Though there are plenty of activities during this time, better visit during off-season for you to enjoy the beaches and the place per se.

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