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New York (New York, USA)

Bigger, bolder, better?

There is so much to see in New York it's easy for little ones to become overwhelmed. Don't expect too much help from New Yorkers!

Age 37

1How do you know about this destination?

A have visited here

2What is the best thing about this destination?

A There is something for everyone, no chance you will get bored! We loved all the musuems and Central Park is amazing

3What is the worst part of this destination?

A The traffic meant getting cabs was almost a waste of time, don't expect to go anywhere in a hurry!

4Where is the best place for a coffee break?

A We stopped at Alices tea cup on the Upper East Side, they made my daughter feel really special and gave her some fairy wings and sprinkled fairy dust on her! The cakes were pretty awesome!

5Are there any good places for shopping?

A Shopping can be pretty expensive in New York, we enjoying window shopping on Madison Avenue and picking out the best displays

6What's your favourite cultural thing to do here?

A The Met Gallery is a must see

7What do you do when you want to relax here?

A Central park has loads of lovely walks and playgrounds

8What's your favourite thing to do here ona rainy day?

A The Sony Technology Centre is full of some great interactive science exhibits, you can make a robot dance and make your own news report.

9What's the best way to get around this destination?

A It's best to walk as much as you can but you will get tired feet. If you need to go further out the subway is quite good but pretty crowded

10How helpful are the people who live here?

A Not very

11How safe do you feel here?

A It depends where you are but just be mindful of your possessions like any big city

12What's the one thing you can't miss when visiting here with kids?

A Definitely Central Park

13Insider hints and tips?

A Top of the Rock at The Rockefeller Centre has a great view across the city which actually includes the Empire State Building

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