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LANGKAWI WILDLIFE PARK (Kampung Belanga Pecah, Langkawi, Malaysia)

Animal park

This is quite a big animal park with loads of creatures. You can stroke and feed a lot of them but it felt very commercial - the ones in cages looked very sad and it just didn't feel right. My daughter loved it, especially hugging the bunny and feeding all the animals.

Age 37

1Who did you visit with?

A primary school 1, grown up 2

2When did you go?

A year 2016

3How long did you stay?

A 1-3 hours

4Was it good value for money?

A No

5Did you buy any food whilst you were here and if so, what was it like?

A No

6Were there any bathroom facilities? What were they like?

A yes - they were fine

7What was the best part of your visit?

A I just enjoyed watching my daughter

8What do you wish had been different?

A I wish the animals had bigger cages or they weren't there at all.

9Do you or anyone you were with have special needs?

A No

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