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Petersfield Lake and boats (Petersfield, Hampshire, UK)

Relaxing family park lake

Great pond to check out with the family on a sunny Sunday! Visiting the lake is totally free, which we liked a lot. We had a picnic on the premises, and then we spent £19 for a 30-minute ride with the boat; we didn’t think it was that much since we don’t do this every day. The weather was amazing, I really enjoyed the silence of the park. Really clean too!

Age 30

1Who did you visit with?

A toddler 2, grown up 2

2When did you go?

A year 2016

3How long did you stay?

A 3-6 hours

4Was it good value for money?

A Yes

5What was the best part of your visit?

A Definitely the surroundings. The greenery and the quiet vibe of the park were just what we needed to relax.

6Do you or anyone you were with have special needs?

A No

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