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Bodean's BBQ (Clapham, London , UK)

Delicious ribs!

There are lots of Bodean’s BBQs spread around the city, so we didn’t know which one was the best. We ended up in Clapham, and we were quite pleased with the food. Their ribs are amazing – perfectly cooked, I could have eaten tens. We also had their classic Caesar Salad and a coleslaw. Great atmosphere too; a bit crowded, but now we get why.

Age 30

1Who did you visit with?

A grown up 2

2What kind of meal did you have?

A We had the baby back ribs and pulled pork combo, a coleslaw and a Caesar Salad.

3When did you visit?

A year 2016

4Do they have a kids menu?

A No

5Can you sit outside?

A Yes

6What was the food and drink like?

A Flavored food; the meat was well-done and the salads were fresh and tasty. They have a very nice selection of sauces too.

7Was it value for money?

A Conveniently-priced.

8What was the service like?

A Prompt service. In spite of being extra crowded, we were well-taken care of; our order arrived pretty fast.

9What was the location and style of the restaurant like?

A All-black from the outside, which convinced us to go in. Welcoming style, urban-like, casual with interesting animal-inspired decor.

10Do you or anyone you were with have special needs?

A No

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