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Kuala Lumpur (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Lovely City

Kuala Lumpur is a great city to visit with kids, there is loads to do and see and accommodation and travel is pretty cheap.

Age 37

1How do you know about this destination?

A have visited here

2What is the best thing about this destination?

A The East meets West vibe

3Are there any child friendly bars or pubs to visit?

A The restaurants at the Pavilion shopping centre were our favourite with lots of variety but for a great view head to the back of KLCC mall where you can eat, drink and watch the fountains in KLCC park.

4What is the worst part of this destination?

A The heat can be pretty oppressive, the public transport is a bit confusing and the pavements are often uneven - not great for a buggy or wheelchair.

5What's your favourite restaurant?

A I love Hakka opposite the Pavilion shopping centre, great value chinese food with a brilliant atmosphere

6Where is the best place for a coffee break?

A Starbucks are everywhere!

7Are there any good places for shopping?

A There are shopping centres everywhere you turn in KL for the ridiculously high end at KLCC mall to the bargainous markets of China Town

8What's your favourite cultural thing to do here?

A Batu Caves is an amazing place to visit

9What do you do when you want to relax here?

A Massages are brilliant and very cheap. Try one in one of the shopping centres.

10What's your favourite thing to do here on a rainy day?

A Rain can be pretty heavy in KL, we got drenched in a storm when we were there but it does cool down the city which is a welcome relief. The Petrosians Discovery centre is amazing and a great indoor space to spend a day.

11What's the best way to get around this destination?

A The public transport system is pretty confusing but mega cheap and fast once you've got your head around it!

12How helpful are the people who live here?

A Its a pretty mixed bag.

13How safe do you feel here?

A As long as you stay aware and to the main areas you will feel safe

14What's the one thing you can't miss when visiting here with kids?

A Make sure you visit KLCC park and don't forget the kids swimsuits, theres a fab child only wading pool

15Insider hints and tips?

A Mosquito spray - they are relentless

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