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Liquid Leisure Water Park (Datchet, London, UK)

Great aqua park for families

Great Aqua Park for families! We knew about Liquid Leisure but never had the time to check it out. All I can say it that I was impressed. There were so many things you could do: cable skiing, boating, swimming, dining, camping. What more could I ask for? Of course, we didn’t have time to explore all amenities, so we decided to stick with the water park. My kids loved the experience! The lakeside restaurant had great food too. We had Grilled Chicken Salad and Full Rack of Ribs; there was also a kids’ menu. My 4 and 7-year old had the macaroni & cheese. Nice prices too. £15 for 50 minutes of fun at the aqua park; and £15 for the beach location. Kids under 8 go free.

Age 30

1Who did you visit with?

A toddler 1, preschooler 1, grown up 2

2When did you go?

A year 2016

3How long did you stay?

A 3-6 hours

4Was it good value for money?

A Yes

5Did you buy any food whilst you were here and if so, what was it like?

A Yes. We had lunch at their lakeside restaurant. My kids actually fell in love with the mac & cheese dish.

6Were there any bathroom facilities? What were they like?

A Pretty clean.

7What was the best part of your visit?

A I would say the aqua park experience. Lots of side inflatable rides and obstacles for kids.

8Do you or anyone you were with have special needs?

A No

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