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Greenwich Cable Car Treasure Trail (London, England)

Fun & convenient!

Never thought a treasure trail hunt could be so exciting! Getting the kids out of the house and spending time with them is so hard these days. We had to find something exciting, so we looked online for fun things to do in London. And we found the Greenwich Cable Car trail. It sounded interesting to me, but my kids were not impressed. Anyway, as soon as we got there they completely changed their minds, and that was probably because they couldn’t wait to try the cable car ride. We paid £6.99 for the trail (we were 4) and we got a booklet with places and some clues. However, in this price the ride with the cable car was not included. Basically, we had to visit all places to on the booklet find the clues and move on. It was insane! Even my 14-year old put his smartphone in the pocket (which I thought was a miracle). Didn’t think London had such an amazing activity available for families.

Age 30

1Who did you visit with?

A toddler 1, primary school 1, grown up 2

2When did you go?

A year 2016

3How long did you stay?

A 1-3 hours

4Was it good value for money?

A Yes

5Any comments on value?

A We paid £6.99 for the treasure hunt trail (which I thought was really cheap) and £10 each for the cable car ride because we went with the Souvenir Package.

6What was the best part of your visit?

A The view of London from the top, and of course, the treasure hunt experience.

7Do you or anyone you were with have special needs?

A No

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