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Center Parcs Longleat (Warminster, Wiltshire, England)

Center Parcs Longleat, Wiltshire

Whether the weather is fine or not, Center Parcs have just about every amenity you could wish for within an impressive and safe environment for the whole family. We have previously taken holidays at both Center Parcs Elveden and Sherwood and decided to go to the Longleat location. Our personal view is that Longleat was the best one to date. We took our own bikes so that we could explore the whole site. It was quite hilly in places and our lodge was quite high up near the perimeter so it was a bit of a ride to the central areas and we all struggled a bit cycling after visiting the main complex. However, this wasn’t a massive problem but had we realised how hilly it was we may have opted for a ‘lower’ residence. There is a land train and we used this in the evenings. It isn’t a cheap holiday but we feel it is very reasonable value if you stick to the main free activities and make it a relaxation break. It can be rather expensive if you take in lots of additional (paid for) activities and eat out a lot.

Age 32

1When did you go?

A year 2016

2Who did you visit with?

A preschooler 1, primary school 1, grown up 2

3How long did you stay?

A 3 days

4What was the area like?

A As you would expect, there is more than enough to do. We were blessed with warm and mainly fine weather and the kids loved playing in the play areas and on the beach by the water. We we all went out on the lake in a rowing boat which was fun and fed the fish and ducks a couple of times which is always a pleasure for the kids. We made good use of the swimming complex and a couple of slides were suitable and safe for our 5 and 7 year olds. Apart from that we only paid for the Sensory and Play area which was £6.75 but the kids loved it so it was nice to relax with a couple of coffees while they were let loose. Food Outlets and Eating: We only ate out fully once, using the carvery in the Grand Café on the Sunday evening which was very good despite the cost. We did buy the odd snack and drink but opted to take out a packed lunch each day to keep costs down.

5Are you walking distance to:

A restaurant

6What was the overall condition of the property like?

A Couldn’t really fault it. I think our lodge had been refurbished fairly recently and everything was in good working order and very clean. It was situated deep in the woods and our patio area wasn’t overlooked. We had a BBQ on the Saturday as the weather was warm and it was very relaxing. We also had a small pond close by and we bought a couple of nets so that the kids could do some pond dipping which they absolutely adored catching a variety of small pond-life including a newt!

7Insider hints and tips?

A Every child will love Center Parcs but budget carefully to avoid a really expensive holiday.

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