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Villa Marisol (Praia da Luz, Algarve, Portugal)

Villa Marisol

This is a really beautiful and spacious villa with fantastic views out to sea. The pool was lovely and we struggled to get the kids out of it - there is a shallow end for any not so confident swimmers. There is just one master ensuite bedroom with a bed big enough for us and our daughter to share but there is another one upstairs if you are two families sharing. We hired two cars which we were grateful for as it's quite a trek back up from Lux. There is plenty of seating and eating space and the outdoor area and BBQ made for some lovely shared meals. The property is completely enclosed with remote controlled gates so we felt very safe with the kids.

Age 37

1When did you go?

A year 2016

2How long did you stay?

A 1 week

3What's the best thing about this holiday rental?

A Most of it was amazing but my daughters favourite part was the pool

4Is there a pool?

A Yes

5What was the area like?

A Its 1 km away from the lovely village of Praia da Luz

6Any rainy day activities locally?

A There is plenty to do in Lagos, about 20 mins drive away

7How safe is the property for kids?

A Its pretty safe although the stairs are pretty steep and could have been nasty if there had been a fall. The upstairs balcony area (where the BBQ is) is completely enclosed with a gate to prevent kids getting down to the pool although our 5 years olds quickly learnt how to open that!

8Is the area quiet or noisy?

A Quiet

9Any special features or equipment for kids?

A There are a few games but not much else. Pool toys can be bought pretty cheaply in Lux

10How many bedrooms?

A 5+

11What was the overall condition of the property like?

A Excellent, clean and beautifully furnished

12Does the property have any kids TV channels?

A Yes

13Does the property have wifi?

A Yes

14Insider hints and tips?

A We went in April and it was really worth paying for the pool to be heated!

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