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The hardest trip I’ve ever booked – Interrailing with kids

A big claim I know but I really think planning this Interrail trip around Europe is the hardest holiday I’ve ever…

Posted By : Karen / 22-07-2018

Fabulous Things to do in Tampa with kids

So I’ll admit it, I didn’t expect to love Tampa, we have family who live in the city so I was obviously looking…

Posted By : Karen / 18-07-2018

Our stay at the Sailport Waterfront Suites, in Tampa, Florida

Trying to work out where to stay in Tampa, Florida? During our recent stay we decided to book into an apartment style resort…

Posted By : Karen / 14-07-2018

An awesome day in St Pete visiting the sensational Dali Museum

THE Sunshine city in THE Sunshine state, St Petersburg, Florida makes a perfect place for a day trip with kids, or if you…

Posted By : Karen / 11-07-2018

Family fun at the Glazer Childrens Museum, Tampa

I think we’ve found the perfect place to spend a fun day with kids in Tampa! The Glazer Childrens Museum in Tampa…

Posted By : Karen / 05-07-2018

8 Mistakes to avoid when taking your kids to a festival

Many of us have had some great times at festivals pre-children, but they can also be great places to introduce kids…

Posted By : Karen / 28-06-2018

Things to do in The Cotswolds with kids

One of my absolutely favourite places to explore in the UK with kids is the Cotswolds, a beautiful area in the middle of…

Posted By : Guest Blogger Laurie from Guidebook Baby / 27-06-2018

Everything you need to know if you’re planning a family holiday to Washington DC

Washington DC, the capitol of the USA, home to political wheelings and dealings, journalistic power plays and the stunning…

Posted By : Karen / 23-06-2018

Visiting the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum with kids

I must admit, visiting the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum wasn’t high on my list of must dos on our trip…

Posted By : Karen / 11-06-2018

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