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Go Ape Adventures - Best practices & tips to have the best time on the ropes


Go Ape Adventures - Best practices & tips to have the best time on the ropes 

If you don’t know what “go ape” is, we’re sure that at least you can give it a guess. You might be tempted to think it’s an activity that compels tots to act like monkeys. Well, not really. Go ape is more like jumping from one tree to another, without fearing that you’ll fall and break a leg. These tree-top adventure courses are aimed at both kids and adults.

Traditional indoor haunts are in the past.This summer, everyone goes ape! Before getting started, we’ve shared some best practices and some cool tips to help you understand the “sport” a little bit better.

Go Ape for juniors

Go ape junior adventures are not that challenging. So you can be rest-assured that your toddlers are safe. The zip-lines feature a climbing ladder; instructions are provided, as well as support in case your little monkeys become tired while on the ropes. Experienced instructors will be with your toddlers every step of the way. The wires are about 1m in height in junior sections. Bigger adventures await kids above the age of 10; where the wires exceed 2m in height.

Full-scale crossings and obstacles

Go Ape adventures feature a wide variety of crossings, obstacles, and zip-wires. The most challenging route is the infamous Tarzan swing. But you know what they say about kids, in general: they’re fearless. Kids won’t be allowed to climb without an introductory course beforehand. They’re being taught to clip themselves onto to the wire before stepping off the platform and flying off into thin air.

Perfect workout routine for kids and adults

Go Ape is an adventure “sport” for everyone. The most challenging routes are aimed at adults. The height, the speed, and the obstacles will take your breath away. Researchers argue that you can burn up to 600 calories on a single course; which is amazing if you love to work out, and want to do things differently every once in awhile.

Apparently, go ape adventures are linked to increased sensations of revitalization and freedom. You’ll feel a lot more relaxed and rejuvenated afterwards. Need the perfect recipe to give up stored anger? Try out this sport once, and you&rsqu o;ll feel like a whole new person. Outdoor activities are well-known for the ability to revive both the mind and body. Take a risk and overcome your fear of height by going ape like a fearless Tarzan.

The secrets to conquering challenging obstacles

There are different tips and tricks to conquer even the most difficult obstacles on your go ape adventure trip. Before getting your gear on, head to YouTube and look for “go ape tricks”. Tens of useful videos will pop up. Most experts advise climbers to keep their toes pointed. Don’t rush, and move one leg after the other; make sure to pull your weight into the stirrup. For more stability, keep one of your legs still in the stirrup. 

Wardrobe -  no flip-flops

We know Tarzan loves climbing and jumping from one tree to another barefoot, but we don’t recommend that you do the same. Flip-flops and sandals are forbidden; it’s very important to have closed toe shoes; preferably sneakers or mountain shoes.

Don’t freak out!!!

Last but not least, don’t freak out no matter what happens on the zip wires. We understand that some of the obstacles may seem impossible to overcome. But you might be surprised what can happen if you just try to get past your fear of heights. Take a deep breath and relax. You’ll love Go Ape

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