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Glastonbury With Kids - Packing Guide


Glastonbury is less of culture shock to kids than it is to us adults – why wouldn’t everyone be super friendly, why not get muddy and play in a field all day, why can’t we dance our hearts out like no one’s watching, why do we have to go home when it starts to rain. Take a leaf out of your kids book and act like a child for a few days, it’s totally worth it I promise.

A little thoughtful packing will help you get the very most out of heading to Glastonbury with kids

Wellies and waterproofs - the sturdier the better. I’ve never visited when it hasn’t rained at least a few times, kids have an amazing knack of finding mud, instead of constantly having to chase them away from it, make sure you’re prepared and let them jump in.

Suncream - Trust me on the suncream

Snacks. If you’re camping you may not want to drag the kids down to the food sellers to fuel up in the morning, cereal bars or mini boxes of cereal are perfect to keep the hunger pangs at bay until you start your day.

Bags of crisps, nuts, protein balls and yes some sweets are life savers as you make your way around the festival. Generally, the food is excellent and there is so much variety you’re sure to find something for even the fussiest little eaters. Our favourite is the fresh produce market by the Green field which will help you get somewhere close to your 5 a day.

Brightly coloured clothing or distinctive head gear is great to spot the kids if they wander a little too far (and it’s much more fun to get a little dressed up – you are at a festival), same goes for you so your children can pick you out easily.

Always write your number on their arm or grab a wristband from the kidz field and make sure you always have your phone charged and with you just in case. An extra power pack will be a lifesaver; you will use lots of battery taking all those adorable pics so don’t run out of juice!

Ear defenders. There will be meltdowns – it is pretty overwhelming so these are essential for those moments when kids need a little quiet or if you’re near some of the massive speakers at the main stages. They can be a bit tight for little heads, so stretch them out for a few days before hand on the arm of a chair.

Bike trailer/ sturdy pushchair/ pull along trailer. Getting around the festival can take ages, its huge, it’s muddy and it’s always very crowded. The kids will get tired too quickly if they have to constantly walk and it’s easy to lose them in the crowd. It’s also brilliant for them to have somewhere to have a nap or proper rest snuggled in blankets if it’s cold. Don’t make the mistake we did in our first year, we took a cheap pushalong bike and it got totally wrecked within a couple of days! An investment is definitely worth it.

As the sun goes down and it starts to get a bit ahem “lively” it’s always best to head back to your tent and enjoy the last performances from a far, it’s a good idea to have some fairy lights wrapped around your trailer of choice, it looks pretty and alerts other revellers to the presence of children.

Cash and cards. If you have forgotten anything, don’t worry, most things can be bought. Ask the food sellers for child portions if you’re worried about waste, people at Glastonbury are some of friendliest I’ve ever met, most will be happy to accommodate and will charge you very little.

Activities. There is soooooo much for the kids to try, make, see and do it may seem silly to take your own activities but if you want to watch your favourite band on the pyramid stage they may need something to keep them entertained if they’re not feeling the music. A pack of cards, colouring, stickers are all pretty light and will buy you an hour away from the kidz field or time to make a brew in the morning.

Sense of humour. I’ll never forget my first Glastonbury visit, we were heading up to the Kidz field and the heavens opened, I was wearing a cheap raincoat and got soaked, I remember saying “this is totally ridiculous” and wanting to go home. Once I’d got over myself I realised I could either dry off, have a cider and just enjoy myself or head home defeated by a little rain. Off course I chose to giggle! My friends rib me about it to this very day.

Sanitiser Green fields and the Kidz field have relatively clean kids only toilets and there are handwashing stations outside every long drop but lets face it, they are filthy, you will feel icky, apply generously!

Whilst we’re on the subject of toilets, tiger balm dotted under the nose before each visit does help a bit with the stench as does a scarf wrapped around your face and if you have a little girl who’s tall enough I find the shepee stations are a life saver.

Wet wipes. Perfect for freshening up in the morning, but essential for wiping off each days face paint/festival glitter/mud splatters.

Travel potty for emergencies and middle of the night visits.

Many, many changes of clothes. Leggings, tshirts, jumpers, sundresses, you will always need more than you think – the cheaper and funkier the better! Oh and socks, socks and then some more socks!

Something to sit on. Camping chairs are heaven when you’ve been walking all day and a waterproof picnic blanket is great for the kids.

Medicine. Obviously remember to pack any prescription medicines you or the kids need but make sure you have a little travel first aid kit to hand. We always take Calpol (in sachets not glass), Piriton, anti bite, plasters, anti-bacterial cream and rehydration sachets.

Remember that no glass is allowed inside the festival so decant any spirits into plastic bottles before you arrive. There are plenty of water stations around the farm so you don’t need to carry in a load of water bottles, just one and fill up as you go.

Have you ever taken your kids to a festival? What’s on your festival packing list?




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